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August 17


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"Ha! Nice miss, Shizu-Chan!" Izaya yelled as a vending machine comes flies past him.

You look at the scene from a good distance so that you can't get hurt. Your boyfriend Izaya always get into trouble with your brother Shizuo. Yes, you are Shizuo Heiwajima's younger sister. The thing is that he doesn't know about your relationship with Izaya. You are afraid that he might REALLY kill Izaya. But, you love Izaya and Izaya loves you.

"IZAYAAAAAA!" Shizuo yelled walking towards Izaya with a stop sign.

"Shizu-Chan looks angry, I wonder why?" Izaya said looking at Shizuo.

You started to walk out farther until Shizuo noticed you. You had enough time watching them fight. You don't want either of them to get hurt.

"What are you doing [Name]?" Shizuo asked.

"Shizuo I think it's time to go home, don't you think?" You asked Shizuo.

"Awwwwwwww! Look who it is, it's your little sister!" Izaya cheered. Even though you love him, he can be annoying.

"Back off Izaya!" Shizuo growled as he walked towards you.

You and Shizuo started to walk home together.

"I hate that flea." Shizuo growled under his breath.

"You should rest a little. I'm going out for walk, I'll be back soon." You said as you opened the door.

"Ok [Name]. Just don't go anywhere near that flea." Shizuo said as he walked into his bedroom.

"Don't worry I wont!" You shouted as you walked out of the apartment.

You started to walk down the street towards Simon's restaurant. You stopped near the entrance waiting for a special someone.

Right now It is 5:25. So, he should be hear in about 5 minuets.

You looked up from your watch, still waiting for him. Than, all of a sudden, a pair of hands covered your eyes.

"Guess who?" A familiar voice you know said.

"Let me guess. Could it be Izaya Orihara?" You said smiling.

"Yes, you are correct!" Izaya said cheerfully.

Izaya than rapped his arms around your waist and hold you tight. You can feel his soft hair on your neck as he lays his head on your right shoulder. You closed your eyes and smiled.

"Do you want to eat now?" Izaya asked.

"Yes." You answered.

You and Izaya walked into Russia Sushi and sat down at a table.

"Hi Izaya, [Name]. How are you doing today?" Simon said as he approaches you and Izaya.

"We are doing good today~" Izaya said with a smile.

"What would you guys want to eat?" Simon asked.

"We both will have fatty tuna please." Izaya answered cheerfully.

Simon left to get yours and Izaya's orders.

"How was your day?" Izaya asked.

"It was good. Did you start the fight with my brother?" You asked.

"I was walking around Ikebukuro like usual and then, out of no where, a vending machine comes flying at me. He started it, not me!" Izaya explained.  

"Ok, I believe you." You said as Simon come back with yours and Izaya's orders.

You and Izaya started to eat when someone unsuspected came through the door of the restaurant.

"Hello Shizuo, how can I help?" You heard Simon say.

'Shizuo?! Oh no, this can't be happening?!' You thought to yourself as you covered your face with your hands.

"Hey Simon, Have you- IZAYAAAAA!" Shizuo shouted as he sees Izaya.

"What are you doing here?!" He asked as he came walking towards you and Izaya. You kept your head down to hide yourself. And than you heard Shizuo say, "[Name], what are you doing here with the flea?" You picked your head up and saw Shizuo.

"Well, if you must know. [Name] and I are on a date." Izaya announced and grinned.

'This is bad.' You thought.

Shizuo's hands tightened up into a fist.

"You know, your sister is a great kisser." Izaya said.

Shizuo lounged forward and swung his fist at Izaya. Izaya moved out of the way and grabbed his switch blade out of his pocket.

-To be continued-  


Izaya x Reader (Chapter 1)by TheMysteriousOne99

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2014 TheMysteriousOne99
This is the first chapter everyone!! There will be more coming your way!!
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